meet the designers

Long before turning her attention to interior design, Della harbored a fascination with creative environments.  Growing up in the suburbs of the Pacific Northwest, she developed a great sense of appreciation for the serenity and beauty of her surroundings.  She found herself drawn to the sense of emotion that a particular environment could provide both indoors and out.  She found satisfaction in being a part of creative environments.  Since the early 90's, Della began remodeling homes.  It was her experience with her physical surroundings that transferred her energy into interior design.

Earning her degree in Interior Design with the International Academy of Design & Technology in 2008, Della has been dedicated to this path ever since.  Her extensive travels throughout Europe, Asia, and most recently South America inspired a global awareness & approach to design.

A move to Orange County in 2011 allowed Della to plant roots in a new design market and to further develop herself as a designer. She accepted a position at Design Within Reach where she met her future design partner, Emily.

A competitive figure skater from Wisconsin, Emily’s love for interior design began from a young age as her family moved around the US so she could train. With each move came a new home (8 of them!) and it was her Mother’s attention to design and detail that fostered Emily's passion for art, interiors and creative environments.

After an injury ended Emily’s figure skating she was able to focus on her artistic goals and found herself at Savannah College of Art and Design where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design in 2007.

After spending time in NYC post-graduation working for various design firms, Emily moved back to Orange County and eventually accepted a position at Design Within Reach where she met Della.

As coworkers they immersed themselves into the Southern California design market and discovered their common interest and the ways in which their unique backgrounds and experiences truly complement one another. Together they have created Maison Blue Design Group and look forward to implementing their individual experiences to help clients find the inspiration and serenity they are looking for within their own surroundings.